Problems and Solutions
Increasingly documented incidences of homicide, identity theft, property theft, serious infectious diseases, drug running, gang violence, human trafficking, terrorism and growing cost to taxpayers are just some of the most detrimental ‘imports’ being brought across America’s unsecured borders by illegal aliens. 
  1. Legislation has been introduced by state legislators across the nation to address the illegal alien issue.
  1. All levels of government, working together to end access to the economic attractions for illegal aliens, will bring an end to our illegal alien invasion. Turning off the economic faucet that illegal aliens draw from will create a situation that will facilitate the illegal aliens returning to their home country of origin on their own volition.
  1. The federal government must secure our borders from the entry of illegal aliens.
  1. American citizens, both born and naturalized, along with legal resident aliens must be shown the respect that they deserve by requiring each and every person who desires to reside in our nation do so through the legal immigration process.
Encourage all levels of government to work together to keep America’s communities free of illegal aliens by signing the Illegal Immigration Reform petition today.