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California Lawmakers Try to Extend Obamacare to Illegal Immigrants

Report: Secretly-Released Criminal Illegal Aliens Continued to Commit Serious Crimes, Managed to Register to Vote

Immigrant Criminals Re-offend at Higher Rates than ICE Estimates

Legal and Illegal Immigration to US Surges Over Past Two Years

ICE Spends Millions Flying Illegal Immigrant Children Across US

San Francisco Analyzes Sanctuary Protections for Illegal Immigrants

Massachusetts Will Allow State Police to Hold Illegal Immigrants for the Feds

Evidence Scant California's Licensed Illegal Immigrant Drivers Getting Insurance

Judicial Watch Report: DHS Transporting Illegal Aliens Away From Border

Illegal Immigrants Will Soon Be Allowed to Teach in New York

Illegal Immigrants Increasingly Finding Loopholes to Stay

States make daily life harder for illegal immigrants (12/20/11)

Assemblywoman McHose says illegal immigration costs New Jersey taxpayers more than $3 billion annually (06/30/11)

Both Sides Get Ready for Legal Brawl over Denying Citizenship to Babies of Undocumented (01/11/11)

Legislators set sights on 'anchor babies' (01/06/11)

State lawmakers taking aim at amendment granting birthright citizenship (01/05/11)

Lawmakers in 14 States Craft Bill to Deny Citizenship to 'Anchor Babies' (10/19/10)

Redefining birthright citizenship, one state at a time (10/20/10)

State Legislators Call for Changes to Citizenship Law, Equate 'Anchor Babies' to Child Abuse (10/19/10)

Troopers association seeks entry to illegal alien program (5/26/10)

Pa. Rep. Metcalfe: Illegal aliens should leave or go to jail  (5/15/10)

The Metcalfe proposal: The time has come (5/7/10)
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - Leave or go to jail, Metcalfe tells illegals (5/5/10)

The New York Times - Tough Bill Advances in Arizona on Illegal Immigrants (3/23/10)

Sacramento Bee on Assemblyman Chuck DeVore's bill to end college subsidies for illegal immigrants while providing free tuition to members of the National Guard.
( 02/29/08)

Koch Targets Illegal Immigration ( 02/05/08)

( 02/05/08)

Schwarzenegger's Universal Healthcare Suffers Setback
( 02/05/08)

Illegal immigrants leaving Arizona
( 12/28/07) 

Immigration Deal Takes Fire
( 05/25/07)

Read about Pennsylvania's Modern Day Paul Revere:
( 05/24/07)

Three northern Colorado lawmakers join coalition to seal borders
( 05/23/07)

State Legislators for Legal Immigration Group Formed
( 05/22/07)

Rep. Metcalfe unveils a new, nationwide coalition called "State Legislators for Legal Immigration."
( 05/22/07)

State Legislators Call for End to 'Illegal Alien Invasion'
( 05/22/07)

Rep. Metcalfe is taking his fight against illegal immigration nationwide
( 05/22/07)