Virginia's Sen. Cuccinelli Joins State Legislators for Legal Immigration; Denounces Federal Amnesty Bill
Centreville, Virginia, May 21, 2007  – In a statement released today, Senator Ken Cuccinelli (R-37) commented on the “compromise” immigration bill announced Thursday.
“Virginians are tired of hearing excuses for why Washington politicians continue to play fast and loose with the law.”
“We face very real security threats today. Porous borders and lax immigration enforcement have left us vulnerable not only to terrorist attacks but to increasing levels of crime in our communities. Those already accustomed to flagrantly disregarding our laws do not hesitate to traffic their deadly cocktail of drugs and gang violence into Virginia.”
“Many illegal aliens come here for the same reasons immigrants always have – freedom to make a better life for themselves and their families. We are the most welcoming society in the world. But the exploitation of illegal aliens by big businesses intent on subverting US labor laws helps no one in the long run.”
“The flood of illegal aliens in the job market has the effect of depressing wages and reducing American’s standard of living.”
“If Washington is unwilling to devote meaningful resources to enforce the laws we already have, why should we believe that this bill will change anything? I encourage my fellow citizens to join me in asking Congressman Wolf, Congressman Davis, Senator Warner and Senator Webb to lead Virginia in opposing this bill. This country does not need an amnesty bill. We need to secure American borders and hold employers accountable for violation of the law now.”
“The compromise ‘immigration reform’ bill that the President and Senator Kennedy are proposing is a recipe for disaster. It will prompt a rush on our borders by illegal aliens eager to gain a new ‘probationary alien’ status. Without ever returning to their home country or paying back taxes, these individuals would immediately become eligible for citizenship. The cost of administering amnesty may rise to the trillions; according to one national think tank. This is exactly the wrong direction for our country.”
“As the descendent of Irish and Italian immigrants, I value the rich contributions of diverse immigrant cultures to our American heritage. I respect the hard work law-abiding immigrant families have always faced to integrate into American society. And, I value the beautiful new traditions they have woven into our culture. That’s why I am a founding member of State Legislators for Legal Immigration. Today, we are calling for a renewed focus on celebrating legal immigration and curtailing illegal immigration in this country.”
“Dozens of states have lost faith in Washington’s endless, ineffective posturing when it comes to immigration reform. For the last several years, I have introduced legislation designed to turn off the faucet of taxpayer-funded benefits and jobs that attract illegal aliens to Virginia.”
“I passed Virginia’s only bill designed to combat illegal overcrowding in our residential communities. My legislation, now signed into law by the Governor, gives zoning administrators tools to enforce Fairfax zoning laws for the first time. Fairfax zoning laws forbid piling many unrelated families into the same house. Now, thanks to my bill, complaints against overcrowded, illegal boarding houses can be investigated and our zoning laws can be enforced.”
“If Congress will not do their job, we will see more and more state level legislation crafted to discourage illegal immigration.”
Cuccinelli predicted that Senator Kennedy’s immigration “compromise” legislation would be unable to gain the support of most Virginians. Instead, Virginians are likely to insist that Washington and Richmond do more to discourage illegal aliens from settling in the Commonwealth.
“Concern with the effects of illegal immigration has been building over the last five years, even here in Northern Virginia. I hear about it more and more as I go door-to-door in my district. If our federal legislators do not listen to citizens’ concerns, I believe the voters will find representatives who will.”
Including Virginia, legislators in 25 state legislatures have signed on as pioneer members of State Legislators for Legal Immigration. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, state legislators have introduced at least 1,169 illegal immigration reform bills and resolutions in 2007 (as of April 13th). This is more than twice the total number of introduced bills (570) in 2006. Fifty-seven of these illegal immigration reform measurers have been enacted in nearly twenty states.
State Legislators for Legal Immigration was conceived by Pennsylvania State Representative Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler County) to foster cooperation among federal, state and local governments to secure America’s borders and eliminate all economic attractions and incentives that continue to lure illegal aliens across the border, including but not limited to: public benefits, welfare and illegal employment opportunities.
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