State Legislators for Legal Immigration Personally Deliver Illegal Alien Invasion Halting Marching Orders on Pearl Harbor Day

Pennsylvania State Representative and State Legislators for Legal Immigration founder Daryl Metcalfe and several other state lawmakers journeyed to Washington D.C. on Pearl Harbor Day to officially call on members of the United State Congress to move the ongoing immigration reform debate above and beyond the overwhelmingly-rejected “in-security blanket” of granting amnesty to illegal aliens. 

“Every elected official raises his or her hand and swears to uphold and defend our constitution just as each of us who served in the military did,” said Metcalfe  “Today is the very solemn anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.   The more than 2,350 real American heroes, who died fighting for our country at Pearl Harbor, made the ultimate sacrifice upholding and defending the United States Constitution.  This includes Article 4, Section 4 which clearly states that our federal government, ‘shall guarantee to every state in this Union a Republican form of government and shall protect each of them against invasion.’”

Also adding their support at Friday morning’s news conference held at the National Press Club included Dan Stein, President, Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR); Reps. Russell Pearce (AZ), Rep. Eric Koch (IN), Donna Rowland (TN); and Sen. David Schultheis (CO). 

“Our federal government has been AWOL for decades in doing their job of defending our nation from the illegal alien invasion,” said Metcalfe.  “Congressional dereliction of duty has resulted in Americans suffering the consequences of identity theft, property theft, drug running, human trafficking, sexual assaults, murder, increased gang activity, terrorism and the many other clear and present dangers directly associated with the illegal alien invasion.   It is long past time for Congress to put Americans first by legislatively burning the illegal alien amnesty national in-security blanket.” 

In addition, State Legislators for Legal Immigration members also announced that they have entered into a working partnership with the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI) to create a comprehensive package of model National Security Begins at Home legislative solutions that any state lawmaker can introduce to effectively shut off all economic attractions and incentives for illegal aliens, including:
  • Requiring mandatory employer enrollment in the federal E-Verify employee identification program and terminating the professional license of any employer that knowingly hires an illegal alien.
  • Barring illegal aliens from obtaining all non-medical emergency, taxpayer-funded public benefits or entitlements such as welfare, in-state college tuition or drivers’ licenses.
  • Establishing mechanisms to ensure state and local law enforcement can both verify citizenship status and actively assist with enforcing federal immigration law.
  • Withholding all state and federal highway funding from “sanctuary cities” that either refuse to report or willingly assist illegal aliens with obtaining employment, financial assistance or taxpayer-funded public benefits.
  • Revising state tax codes to penalize non-profits or state contractors for hiring illegal aliens.

Enacting legislation challenging judicial misinterpretations of the 14th Amendment allowing “anchor babies” or children born of illegal immigrants in the United States to automatically obtain citizenship and receive taxpayer-funded public benefits.  

IRLI ( is America’s only public interest law organization working exclusively to protect the legal rights, privileges and property of American citizens and communities from injuries and damages caused by uncontrolled immigration.   IRLI’s specialized expertise in the development and drafting of immigration enforcement and relief measurers played a major role in several recent legislative and judicial immigration reform victories in states such as Georgia, Arizona and Oklahoma.

“While our federal government continues to fail we the people, State Legislators for Legal Immigration are aggressively working to advance legislation at the state level to do all we can to protect our citizens,” said Metcalfe.    “As once again documented in a recent USA Today article, when member states such as Georgia, Arizona and Oklahoma enacted sweeping reforms to sever the economic attractions of illegal jobs and taxpayer-funded public benefits at the source, the illegal alien invaders hiding out in those states had no choice but to move on to a more welcoming state or go home on their own.  State Legislators for Legal Immigration will continue to serve as a unifying force to bring all levels of government together to terminate America’s illegal alien invasion in every city, community, small town, main street and backyard; across our fruited plains and from sea to shining sea.”

Including Pennsylvania, lawmakers from 32 state legislatures, or more than 60 percent of the nation, have now signed on as members of State Legislators for Legal Immigration.   For more information, visit  

American citizens nationwide can encourage their state lawmakers to become official members of State Legislators for Legal Immigration by urging them to contact Representative Metcalfe at (724) 772-3110 or via e-mail at

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